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Bob Vance ad says Tom Parker will be ‘another Roy Moore’

Alabama chief justice candidate Judge Bob Vance has launched an ad saying Justice Tom Parker will be “another Roy Moore” if elected to head...
Bob Vance_Tom Parker

Democrat Bob Vance outraising GOP opponent Tom Parker in Alabama chief justice race

In the race for Alabama chief justice, Democratic nominee Bob Vance is attracting more donors than Republican Tom Parker. Campaign finance reports filed recently show...
Tom Parker

Five things you need to know about Tom Parker

Now that the runoff elections are over, voters are turning their attention to the November General Election only 90 days away. Associate Justice Tom Parker beat out...
money gavel court lawsuit

Bob Vance holds major financial lead over opponent Tom Parker

According to monthly campaign finance reports filed with the Secretary of State's office this week, Alabama Chief Justice Democratic candidate Judge Bob Vance is...
Tom Parker

Tom Parker, longtime Roy Moore ally seeks Alabama chief justice job

Alabama’s Roy Moore fell short in his quest to become a U.S. senator, but voters this November could install one of his longtime allies...
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

Alabama Justice Tom Parker files lawsuit over speech restrictions

A bench ally of suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has filed a federal lawsuit challenging what he called the state's unconstitutional restrictions on...

Parker Snider: How to prepare for Russia’s October surprise

Russia is in the business of mind control. They’re not doing it through sinister headgear, satellite interference, or dream invasion like in Inception, though. Instead, Russia...
Nancy Pelosi

Parker Snider: Towards a less angry politics

“When angry, count to ten before you speak; if very angry, count to one hundred.” If only we followed the advice of the Founding Fathers. Thomas...

Parker Snider: What you need to know about proposed constitutional amendments 3 and 4

On November 6, Alabamians will vote on four proposed statewide constitutional amendments. Although the first two amendments will likely receive the most attention (API’s...

Parker Snider: Learning fiscal responsibility from the fall of MoviePass

One year ago, a relatively-unknown company announced that, for a monthly fee of $9.95, subscribers could see one movie a day without paying anything...



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