This week in the U.S. House of Representatives, Senate: Apr. 25 — 29, 2016

United States Capitol_ U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate

Both chambers are in session this week and are scheduled to adjourn at week’s end for a one-week district work period.

U.S. House of Representatives

On Monday, the House meets in pro forma session.

On Tuesday, the House is in session and will consider several bills under Suspension of the Rules including:

  • H.R. 1684: the Foreign Spill Protection Act. This bill would allow the federal government to recover the costs for oil spill cleanup activities from foreign entities owning or operating offshore facilities located further out to sea than the boundary of the exclusive economic zone (200 miles) of the United States
  • H.R. 4698: the Securing Aviation from Foreign Entry Points and Guarding Airports Through Enhanced Security Act. This bill seeks to strengthen security screening at foreign airports that have non-stop flights to the U.S.
  • H.R. 3583: the PREPARE Act. This bill includes numerous provisions intended to improve the Homeland Security Department’s and Federal Emergency Management Administration’s (FEMA) emergency preparedness and response programs and activities.

A full list of bills that will be considered under suspension can be found here.

Also on the House floor this week:

H.R. 4901: the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) Reauthorization Act. The bill reauthorizes for five years, through FY 2021, the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) program, under which federal funding is provided to eligible students in Washington, D.C., to allow them to attend private schools, and it modifies the program to provide for greater student participation and to mandate greater accountability by the private schools that participate in the program.

  • Alabama co-sponsor(s): None

H. J. Res. 88: a joint resolution to disapprove of the Labor Department’s Fiduciary Rule. The resolution disapproves the rule issued by the Labor Department on April 8, 2016, commonly known as the fiduciary rule on retirement investment advice, that subjects broker-dealers who oversee retirement investments to the fiduciary standard, under which they must provide investment advice that is in the best interest of the investor “without regard to the financial or other interests” of the financial institution, adviser, or other party.

Highlights of what is happening in House Committees this week:

  • Budget season: The House Appropriations Committee continues its FY17 hearing slate, a full list of those hearings can be found here.
  • NDAA: On Wednesday, the House Armed Services Committee will markup the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  More information can be found here.
  • E&C markups: The House Energy & Commerce Committee will hold multiple markups this week.  More information is available here.
  • TSA oversight: On Wednesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hold a hearing titled “Examining Management Practices and Misconduct at TSA.” More information here.
  • Small businesses: On Wednesday, the House Small Business Committee will hold a hearing titled “S is for Savings: Pro-Growth Benefits of Employee-Owned S Corporations.” More information here.
  • Homeland security oversight:  On Thursday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hold a hearing titled “Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security.” More information here.
  • EPA and Pebble Mine:  On Thursday, the House Science, Space and Technology Committee will hold a hearing titled “Examining EPA’s Predetermined Efforts to Block the Pebble Mine, Part II.” More information here.
  • Asia: On Thursday, the House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold a hearing titled “America as a Pacific Power: Challenges and Opportunities in Asia.” More information here.

U.S. Senate

The Senate is in session and expected to continue consideration of its FY17 Energy and Water appropriations legislation.

Highlights of what is happening in Senate Committees this week:

  • F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program: On Tuesday, the Senate Armed Services Committee will hold a hearing to examine the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program in review of the Defense Authorization Request for fiscal year 2017 and the Future Years Defense Program. More information here.
  • China: On Wednesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a hearing to examine United States-China relations, focusing on strategic challenges and opportunities. More information here.
  • Small business regulations: On Wednesday, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee will hold a hearing to examine the controversial waters of the United States rule and the case for reforming the Renewable Fuels Association. More information here.
  • ISIL: On Thursday, the Armed Services Committee will hold a hearing to examine counter-ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) operations and Middle East strategy. More information here.


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