Gary Palmer dismayed by Senate Dems, calls out Iran’s nuclear deal violation

United States of America and Iran flags

Senate Democrats on Wednesday unexpectedly blocked the chamber from considering the first major spending bill of the year for energy and water programs in effort to prevent a vote on a Republican amendment that would ultimately create friction in the wake of President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

The amendment, sponsored by Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton would ban U.S. from spending $8.6 million tax dollars from being used to buy heavy water from Iran in the future.

Senate Democrats filibustered the spending bill Wednesday and sustained the filibuster in a second vote Thursday, objecting to what they called a “poison pill”added at the last minute to an otherwise bipartisan $37.5 billion funding bill for the Department of Energy and other agencies

Dismayed at the Democrats’ actions, House Republican Gary Palmer (AL-07) spoke out, “Before the ink was dry on the nuclear deal, Iran was already violating it by conducting ballistic missile tests. Instead of holding Iran accountable, this Administration has decided to aid and abet Iran by helping to finance the effort.

“Spending tax dollars to subsidize Iran’s efforts to further de-stabilize the region and pursue a nuclear weapon is irresponsible. America has more than one location that produces heavy water. The Obama Administration and Senate Democrats should be held accountable for these irresponsible actions.”


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