Luther Strange adds Alabama to 11-state fight against Obama’s bathroom regulations

gender neutral restroom bathroom

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange added Alabama to an 11-state lawsuit against President Obama‘s order mandating public schools across the country allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding to their preferred gender expression.

“The Obama administration has taken government overreach to an unprecedented level, directly challenging the personal privacy of America’s school children while threatening to withhold funds from schools which refuse to accept this form of coercion” said AG Strange in a press release Wednesday.

“President Obama does not have legal grounds to rewrite the law. Congress was absolutely clear that federal law allows schools to have separate facilities based on the ‘sex’ of the individual, not their gender preference.  This disturbing attempt to transform America’s classrooms into laboratories for the Obama administration’s social experiments will not stand up to the test of law.”

The issue has become increasingly heated in the weeks following President Obama’s order, with everyone from presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump to Alabama Today’s own Apryl Marie Fogel weighing in on the subject.

Earlier this month AG Strange called the new policy “just one more example of the kind of federal overreach that we have come to expect from this White House.”



  1. Cute how media is presenting Obama executive order as an order to do anything other than follow existing law. In other words, states creating special regulations for trans folks were creating violations of an assortment of civil rights laws and the US Constitution. Obama’s order merely said Don’t do that.

    Common Core used to be the biggest created from nothing political issue of the 21st Century, then the “Conservative”™ brand did this.

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