Parks director, Governor volley back and forth on park closings


It has been a busy week for Alabama State Parks Director Greg Lein with all eyes on the parks department’s reaction to proposed budget cuts. The division announced plans to close several parks and golf courses May 1 because of budget shortages, but has since backed off that deadline.

Al.Com quoted Lein talking about what has happened since announcing the May 1 closing dates.

“Since that time, we have received a tremendous amount of support from the public. In addition, the governor’s office and the Legislature have received an outcry for our parks to stay open and for them to receive full funding,” Lein said. “Given these recent developments and discussions that are taking place in Montgomery, Gov. (Robert) Bentley has instructed the state parks division to delay these closings slated for May 1 until further notice.”

Bentley announced that the parks would remain open until further notice.

The Alabama State Parks system operates 22 parks across the state and welcomes an estimated 4 million to 5 million visitors annually.