‘Moral Revival’ social justice tour for ‘fair-minded people’ coming to Birmingham

Moral Revival

Intro Video for the “Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values” Tour from Eric Preston on Vimeo.

A group of religious leaders frustrated with the tone taken by many people of faith in American politics is bringing its “Moral Revival” tour to Birmingham on Monday, June 6.

The tour, whose first leg will reach 19 cities across the eastern United States, seeks to “redefine morality in American politics and challenge leaders of faith and moral courage to be more vocally opposed to harmful policies that disproportionately impact the poor, people who are ill, children, immigrants, communities of color, and religious minorities.”

“This revival will advance a fusion movement where people from all walks of life see themselves connected in the struggle to support a multi-pronged agenda,” wrote Rev. Dr. William Barber, co-founder of The Revival, in a press release. “We will reframe the conversation not as left versus right, conservative versus liberal, Democrat versus Republican. Instead, we reframe it to ask if policies are morally defensible, constitutionally consistent, and economically just, when examined under the lens of our deepest moral and constitutional values.”

Purporting to follow in the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the movement’s tenets would not be unfamiliar to supporters of self-proclaimed Democratic socialist presidential candidate and Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Among the goals enumerated in the group’s “Moral Declaration” are “Pro-labor, anti-poverty, anti-racist policies that build up economic democracy through employment, living wages, the alleviation of disparate unemployment, a just transition away from fossil fuels, labor rights, affordable housing, direct cash transfers and other support for all families struggling to get by, and fair policies for immigrants; and by challenging war policies that preempt a real war on poverty that can protect and defend the sanctity of the lives of all peoples in the world.”

The group’s service will be held on Monday, June 6, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at New Pilgrim Baptist Church, 708 Goldwire Pl SW. The event is sponsored locally by Greater Birmingham Ministries.


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