Bradley Byrne says Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, best suited to address major issues

Donald Trump and Bradley Byrne

The Republican presidential nomination is effectively wrapped up as White House-hopeful Donald Trump has the necessary 1,237 delegates to clinch the nomination at the Republican Convention in Cleveland next month.

Republican Congressman Bradley Byrne threw his support behind the presumed nominee Tuesday, stating the need for a bold, conservative agenda.

“Today marks the end of the Republican nominating process, and it is time to stop with the political sideshows and get serious about the issues facing the American people,” said Byrne.

Byrne continued, “Just today, I stood with other House leaders as we outlined a plan to help lift Americans out of poverty. This is a bold agenda that requires a leader who is willing to take on big problems. Hillary Clinton has shown time-and-time again that she is a candidate stuck in the past, and ideas of the past have clearly failed our nation’s poor. We cannot afford eight more years of a lagging economy and more distance between Americans and their American dream.

“I believe Donald Trump is the candidate willing to address the problems of today. He has the assertiveness and determination to tackle poverty head on by encouraging work, helping connect Americans with the educational experience they need, and growing the economy right here at home. If we make this election about solutions, I have great confidence we will be victorious in November.”


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