Jim Zeigler says Robert Bentley impeachment proceedings ‘too slow’

Robert Bentley Jim Zeigler

State Auditor jim Zeigler is champing at the bit to impeach embattled Gov. Robert Bentley.

A legislative panel will convene on June 15 to begin an investigation into allegations Bentley misused his office and made “inappropriate” advances toward a former advisor.

But Zeigler said Wednesday he is “disappointed” the proceedings are taking so long.

The House Judiciary Committee will get the ball rolling in terms of formal impeachment this month, but Zeigler said that avenue ignores other methods of investigating and punishing the governor for high crimes and misdemeanors.

“The citizens of Alabama are weary of the Bentley problems,” said Zeigler. “They want the air cleared on the Bentley administration soon. It appears that an impeachment investigation would not report its results to the full House until February, 2017 when the regular session starts.”

“The people of Alabama do not want to wait until 2017 to clear the clouds over the governor’s office. They want something done now, or at least in the next few months. I agree,” Zeigler said.
“It is unfair to the taxpayers for their state government to have to operate under a cloud.”
Zeigler has filed a separate complaint against Bentley via the state ethics commission. He attempted to subpoena Bentley amid those proceedings, claiming he had the statutory authority to force the governor to appear before a public meeting in his office.
Bentley claimed his office did not have the proper authority, and did not appear at a scheduled meeting.
Presumably Zeigler still wants to see the impeachment effort to proceed by that avenue, though he said state law prevents him from discussing the matter.


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