Greater Birmingham has the 8th biggest resemblance to the U.S. as a whole

Birmingham Alabama

It’s hard to define what is or isn’t American, but according to a new study from personal finance site WalletHub, the Birmingham-Hoover metro area has the 8th biggest resemblance to the United States. Which is to say, Birmingham-Hoover closely mirrors the nation as a whole on metrics such as age, gender and income.

To determine which metro areas mirror the demographics of the United States most and least, WalletHub examined 379 of the most populated U.S. metropolitan statistical areas across four key dimensions: 1) Sociodemographic Stats, 2) Housing Stats, 3) Economic Stats and 4) Education Stats, using 26 relevant metrics.

Here’s how Birmingham-Hoover ranks as compared to the rest of the U.S. (1=Most; 190=Avg.):

  • 5th: Age
  • 156th: Race
  • 110th: Household makeup
  • 126th: % of Population with health insurance coverage housing
  • 42nd: Household income
  • 16th: Wealth gap
  • 77th: % of Households receiving food stamps
  • 2nd: Educational attainment

WalletHub says findings can be useful, “whether you’re a parent looking out for your family, an entrepreneur nurturing a nascent business or even a marketer trying to target customers.” Characteristics such as ethnic makeup, household size, educational attainment and household help illustrate America’s uniqueness from a statistical perspective.

As for the metro area that most resembles the rest of the country? Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson, Indiana, followed by Cincinnati, Ohio and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

View all of the rankings in the interactive graphic below.

Source: WalletHub


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