Lawmakers to join anti-embargo group to promote U.S.-Cuba relations

Havana Cuba

Prominent state lawmakers will join with a national advocacy group aimed at promoting economic ties between the United States and its island neighbor to the south to announce a new move to improve relations between the two nations.

Leaders of a group called Engage Cuba will be joined by Democratic Sen. Vivian Figures and Republican Sen. J. T. “Jabo” Waggoner along with state business leaders to announce the creation of the Engage Cuba Alabama State Council.

The group has launched similar councils in eight others states — Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas — and plans another state-level group in Mississippi this week.

Executive Director of the Alabama Poultry Association, Johnny Adams, and a Commissioner John McMillan of the Department of Agriculture & Industries will also be on hand for the announcement.

According to the group’s website, the state councils aim to “push for an end to trade and travel restrictions with Cuba” and “build a movement across the country for congressional action on ending the trade and travel ban.”

The group touts support from top American corporations like Choice Hotels, Comcast and P&G.


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