Alabamians gave Hillary Clinton their votes and their dollars, but to Donald Trump only votes

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton split

Hillary Clinton won the Alabama Democratic Primary back in March by a whopping 77.8% over rival Bernie Sanders, and the dollars have flowed accordingly. To date, Clinton has taken in $658,565 from Alabamians supporting her in the 2016 cycle.

Meanwhile, despite winning the state’s GOP primary, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has yet to see votes translate to donations like the Clinton camp. Alabamians have only sent $50,263 to his campaign this cycle. Just 2.13% of total GOP donations according to the latest campaign finance numbers.

What’s more is Trump’s main Alabama primary opponent, Ted Cruz, who took home a paltry 21.1% of the vote compared to Trump’s 43.4%, has raked in $718,226 from 7,960 donors across the state. Trump only has 219 Alabama donors — 36 times fewer donors than Cruz.

The numbers, from the Federal Election Commission, show that all candidates who were in the field at some point in the race, Republicans and Democratic, have gathered a total of $3.2 million from the Yellowhammer State.

While Clinton has handily taken in more donations than Trump, she’s also worked a lot harder for them. Unlike his contemporaries, the billionaire businessman has yet to actively solicit dollars, which may explain his low intake amounts.

The good news for Trump? While the former First Lady may have a lot of more cash in her coffer coming from the Yellowhammer State, Trump’s averaging larger checks per Alabamian  —  $229.51 to $146.18.

Republicans: $2,351,447

  • Ted Cruz: $718,226
  • Ben Carson: $569,388
  • Marco Rubio: $444,669
  • Jeb Bush: $270,599
  • Mike Huckabee: $83,617
  • Rand Paul: $55,735
  • Scott Walker: $54,906
  • John Kasich: $53,983
  • Donald Trump: $50,263
  • Carly Fiorina: $31,294
  • Rick Santorum: $10,908
  • Chris Christie: $3,645
  • Bobby Jindal: $2,759
  • Lindsey Graham: $855
  • Rick Perry: $600

Democrats: $938,963

  • Hillary Clinton: $658,565
  • Bernie Sanders: $275,858
  • Martin O’Malley: $2,891
  • Larry Lessig: $1,000
  • Jim Webb: $650


  1. Well, since Trump made such a big deal out of being self funded, he in essence said he doesn’t need or want money from donors. It worked for me.

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