Protecting innocence: Rep. Ed Henry files bill barring abortion clinics near schools


Abortion is a divisive issue. In my experience it would be hard to find someone with an opinion on the topic not have a strong opinion. State Rep. Ed Henry filed HB 527 on Tuesday. Speaking to The Associated Press, Henry said, “Around the abortion clinic, there are always protests. There’s back-and-forth and graphic things said from both sides.”

Henry is right. A cursory search of local media from Huntsville area shows that there are frequent and sometimes large protests around the city’s only abortion clinic.

In June 2014 protestors began gathering outside Alabama Women’s Wellness Center protesting its application to perform abortions. In their initial protests those in the pro-life community noted that the  proximity of the location to the Ed White Middle School was a concern.

Last month, reported more than 100 protestors gathered at the location as part of an annual event during Lent.

How can pro-choice advocates possibly think that the innocence of the children in nearby schools should not be protected from the reality of abortions? Even if you don’t believe abortions themselves are wrong, how can you believe that children should be subjected to such highly emotional protests. Advocates on both sides often get spirited when faced with opposition and it’s not fair for children to be caught in the middle.

No matter your views on the topic can’t we just agree that children and young teens should not have to be subject to either the act of abortion or the protests/rallies in support of them?