Robert Bentley won’t attend GOP Convention amid investigation

Republican National Convention

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley won’t be going to next week’s Republican Convention in Cleveland.

Instead he will stay in Montgomery, where he be kept busy amid several pressing issues.

News broke earlier this week that, in May, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange ordered Montgomery County Circuit Judge Gene Reese to order a special grand jury to investigate the firing of former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier by Governor Robert Bentley.

Collier was fired by Bentley in March for allegedly misusing funds in his role as ALEA secretary.

The special grand jury was impaneled on Monday.

The Alabama Political Reporter reported Bentley testified before before the grand jury Wednesday:

“At 8:39 am, Wednesday, Gov. Robert Bentley walked into the Special Grand Jury being held in Montgomery County as Alabama Political Reporter reported yesterday. Bentley’s entourage included legal counsel David Byrne and one of his personal attorneys, Bill Espy.”

Friday, a special legislative committee will meet to discuss and approve hiring special counsel to lead the investigation into the possible impeachment of Bentley.

In April, twenty-three House members signed impeachment articles accusing Bentley of willful neglect of duty and corruption in office.

The special committee will ultimately make a recommendation to the full House on whether Bentley should be impeached.