Republican Convention: what to watch for on Day 2


Republicans will officially nominate Donald Trump for president Tuesday.

After Monday’s national security focus, “Make America Safe Again,” the second day of the Republican National Convention is expected to feature the Trump campaign’s economic message — “Make America Work Again” — a criticism of the effect President Barack Obama has had on the labor-force participation rate and economic growth.

The convention program provides insight of what to expect from Tuesday’s lineup of speakers:

The Obama years have delivered anemic economic growth, the lowest labor-force participation rate in 38 years, and job-killing regulations and legislation like Obamacare. These policies are crushing middle-class families, and a Hillary Clinton presidency would merely be an Obama third term that would deliver the same poor results. Donald Trump is a successful businessman with a solid record of creating jobs and the experience we need to get America’s economy up and running … and get Americans working again.

The full list of Tuesday’s primetime speakers:

  • Sharon Day: Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee
  • Dana White: President, UFC
  • Asa Hutchison: Governor of Arkansas
  • Leslie Rutledge: Arkansas Attorney General
  • Michael B, Mukasey: Former Attorney General of the United States
  • Andy Wist: Businessman
  • Ron Johnson: U.S. Senator from Wisconsin
  • Chris Cox: Executive Director of NRA Institute for Legislative Action
  • Natalie Gulbis: golfer, LPGA
  • Mitch McConnell: U.S. Senator from Kentucky; U.S. Senate Majority Leader
  • Paul Ryan: Wisconsin Congressman, U.S. Speaker of the House
  • Kevin McCarthy: California Congressman, U.S. House Majority Leader
  • Chris Christie: Governor of New Jersey
  • Tiffany Trump: daughter of Donald Trump
  • Kerry Woolard: general manager of Trump Winery
  • Donald Trump, Jr.: son of Donald Trump and EVP, The Trump Organization
  • Shelley Moore Capito: U.S. Senator from West Virginia
  • Dr. Ben Carson: former Republican presidential candidate, neurosurgeon
  • Kimberlin Brown: actress


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