Jim Zeigler questions Robert Bentley’s lottery special session


Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler is asking questions about Gov. Robert Bentley‘s Wednesday announcement of a special session of the Alabama Legislature to consider a statewide lottery.

Bentley explained a lottery would raise roughly $225 million a year, revenue which could be applied to basic services such as ones that aid children, the elderly, the mentally ill, and law enforcement.

A longtime critic of Bentley, Zeigler took the opportunity to question Bentley’s past decisions, referencing several recent incidents where he believes the governor has cost Alabama taxpayers millions.

“Would there be safeguards to keep Bentley supporters from getting no-bid contracts with the lottery commission?,” Zeigler asked in a news release shortly after Bentley’s announcement. “Would there be safeguards to prevent Bentley insiders from landing $200,000-a-year jobs with expense accounts and luxury state cars? Would there be safeguards to prevent the revenues from being siphoned off for Bentley pet projects?”
Zeigler announced last week a special session would cost Alabama taxpayers $350,000.


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