Email Insights: Alabama Policy Institute calls state lottery ‘voodoo budgeting’


The Alabama Policy Institute (API) sent an email with a video Wednesday that calls Gov. Robert Bentley‘s proposal for a state lottery “voodoo budgeting.”

In July, Bentley called for a special session of the Alabama Legislature to push through legislation that would implement a state lottery. In his announcement, Bentley assured the people of Alabama a lottery would be a “permanent solution” to the state’s budget woes.

According to API, this, among other things in his announcement, is simply not true.

Watch API’s video and read the full email below:

Some promises are too good to be true. Last week, Governor Bentley told the people of Alabama that implementing a state lottery would be “a permanent solution” that “will provide funding that we can count on year after year.” This is simply not true, as evidenced by the experiences of other states with lotteries.

Whatever one’s opinion might be on the idea of a state lottery in Alabama — and we at API, of course, stand firmly against it — state leaders arguing for a lottery owe the people of Alabama an honest argument, supported by facts.

API will continue to do our part to keep Alabama’s politicians honest. The people of Alabama deserve nothing less.



  1. Why do Alabamians keep electing fools like this man?

    Ill-informed adulterers who keep preaching instead of governing are NOT HELPING the State progress.

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