Robert Bentley releases proposed constitutional amendment for Alabama lottery

Lottery scratch ticket

Gov. Robert Bentley Friday released a proposed amendment to the Alabama Constitution that would allow voters in November to decide whether the state should have a state lottery.

The three-page proposal designates proceeds from the lottery to first be applied to cover the operational expenses of the lottery and paying prizes. Remaining proceeds would then be deposited in the state’s general fund budget. Bentley estimates the lottery would generate roughly $225 million a year.

On Aug. 15 the Alabama Legislature will meet in a special session, called by Bentley last week, to consider the lottery proposal.

“We must once and for all solve problems that have held our state back for decades,” Bentley said last week. “The time has come for us to find a permanent solution …. This solution will provide funding that we can count on for year after year without ever having to raise your taxes or put one more band-aid on our state’s money problems.”

Three-fifths of the members of both the Alabama Senate and the House would have to approve the amendment, which would then be subject to a statewide referendum. In order for the proposal to make it on the general election ballot Nov. 8, the Legislature would need to approve Bentley’s proposal no later than Aug. 24.


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