Auditor Jim Zeigler continues to lead way in cuts and savings; Where are others?


Promises to cut costs and shrink government are frequent among conservatives during election years. You’d be hard pressed to find a candidate who didn’t talk about these in the last several cycles as big government has became an easy target as state and federal budgets ballooned.

The question I pose today is why aren’t we hearing more plans for cost cutting and savings when the budget is the biggest focus in the state?

State Auditor Jim Zeigler continues his crusade to address avenues where money can be saved with his latest recommendation to eliminate the office of the Examiners of Public Accounts.

In a release sent by his office sent, he notes that the $13 million budget of the examiners office could be shifted to the state parks.

Beyond the cost savings, Zeigler’s release states, “The plan will provide more timely audits, because the Examiners are seriously late in their audits.  Some state agencies have already privatized their auditing, paying money from their own budgets to obtain an audit they previously got free from the Examiners.”

It’s doubtful the Legislature would actually take Zeigler up on his plan to get rid of the Examiners office. Functions of the job would need to continue, especially for the reviews needed for the Sunset Committee.  The point is where are all of the other ideas? Why aren’t their reports every day of ideas as bold as Zeigler’s?

Zeigler  has said he’ll update his proposed plan on Tuesday. We’ll stay tuned for more from him and encourage other elected officials at every level of government to follow his lead and begin making suggestions as well.