Alabama mayor makes racist remarks online after losing to black opponent


Midland City, Alabama interim Mayor Patsy Capshaw Skipper lost her campaign Tuesday and is now under fire for allegedly making racist remarks about her opponent on social media.

According to a screenshot from Facebook, Skipper bemoaned, “I lost. The ni**er won,” when she was asked about the election results.

Patsy Capshaw Skipper racist Facebook post

A screenshot of Patsy Capshaw Skipper’s Facebook post. [Photo courtesy of]

Skipper lost 148 to 233 votes to former assistant city clerk JoAnn Bennett Grimsley, who will be the town’s first African-American mayor.

Former Midland mayor, Virgil Skipper, retired in February due to health reasons. The Midland City town council then selected Patsy, Virgil’s wife, 3-1 to the position of interim mayor. Patsy Skipper was running to keep the position.

Alabama Today tried to reach out to Skipper Thursday evening for comment, but was unable to reach her.

According to the Dothan Eagle, Skipper said she believes she’s been hacked.



  1. You always hope that it’s a hacked account, and not that Mayor Patsy Capshaw Skipper is so ignorant, careless and disrespectful. You have to wonder though what type of hacker would want to target her though?

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