Robert Bentley praises Colonial Pipeline’s response to Shelby Co. gas leak

gas pump

On Monday at the Colonial Pipeline Gas Spill Incident Command Center, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley praised the response from Colonial Pipeline following a Sept. 9 pipeline leak that has since spilled 336,000 gallons of gasoline in Shelby County.

Bentley said he was “very impressed” by the pipeline company’s response to the leak, telling reporters “they have done a very good job.”

He also urged consumers not to panic about rising fuel prices or a potential gas shortage, explaining they can bring more gas in if necessary.

“I want people to not panic and not worry about everyone filling their car up all at the same time,” Bentley explained. “If we did that, we’d have a shortage if we had a pipeline leak or not. I think that right now with a State of Emergency we can bring more fuel in if we need by trucks or by barge.”

Bentley also disclosed he does not know how much the leak will ultimately cost the state. “That can be calculated when we get the original problem fixed,” Bentley said.

Watch Bentley’s address to the media below:


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