Bye bye Big Brother: Alabama adjusts rule requiring beer buyers personal info

mug of beer, alcohol

The Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC Board) adjusted a proposed Orwellian rule at its meeting Wednesday.

The rule, which felt eerily like ‘big brother Alabama is watching’ would have required customers to leave personal information, including their birthdate and phone number, if they purchased beer for off-premise consumption from local breweries.

Instead, the ABC Board decided to remove the portion of the rule that requires date of birth and phone number, leaving breweries to only record the names and addresses of buyers instead, in accordance with state law.

According to, Board Chairman Robert W. “Bubba” Lee said that requirement is in the law for tax audit purposes.

Wednesday’s decision left in place the to-consumer sales limits — to 288 ounces (the equivalent of a standard case of 24 bottles of 12 ounce beers) per person, per day.


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