Alabama teen brutally beaten after pro-police comments, mom says

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An Alabama teen was brutally beaten after posting pro-police comments on Facebook in the aftermath of recent police shootings, his mother says.

Brian Ogle, 17, is now in critical condition with a fractured skull and trauma to his brain. He was beaten by multiple people in an empty parking lot after a Sylacauga High School football game Friday night, his mother Brandi Allen told WBMA.

Brian Ogle, 17, beaten allegedly for writing Facebook posts that were pro-police in September of 2016. [Photo Credit: Facebook]

Allen is now calling the assault a a hate crime, saying her son was targeted for supporting police after students wore Black Lives Matter shirts to school last week.

“Not knowing if my son is going to make it to his 18th birthday this month, I don’t know if anybody can understand what that feels like,” Allen said to WBMA.

Sylacauga Police Department Chief Kelley Johnson called the attack a “senseless act of violence” and asked for residents to remain calm as authorities investigate the situation further.

“I do ask for all of your help in trying to relieve tensions in our city by not posting negative things on social media. I understand that some of you are concerned that SPD or BOE will ‘sweep this under the rug,’ but any intelligent person should see that that is not possible,” Johnson said in a statement. “I am not one to ‘sweep’ any crime under anything much less a crime as violent as this.”

Police have not yet made any arrests in this case.

“I want to see them in jail,” said Allen. “This most certainly is a race issue. It’s a hate crime. My son could have lost his life. I won’t stop until they are punished.”


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