Despite being outspent 3-to-1, Buddy Choat wins Trussville mayoral runoff

Trussville mayoral candidate Buddy Choat [Photo courtesy of Buddy Choat]

After months of campaigning, the Trussville mayoral race came to a conclusion Tuesday night with City Councilman Buddy Choat being declared the winner of the runoff to replace 20-year incumbent Gene Melton.

Fox 6 reports Choat beat Trussville City Council President Anthony Montalto 2,035 votes to 1,342 in a relatively high turnout runoff race.

Choat won despite being outspent nearly 3-to-1, with Montalto raising $84,106.48 — including $23,500 from PACs and out-of-town businesses, $11,559.03 in in-kind donations, and $30,000 in personal loans he made to the campaign.

As of Monday, Choat had raised $23,926 and spent $19,582.82.

The election of a new mayor comes at a particularly tumultuous time in Trussville, as the fire chief and fire marshall of the town of approximately 21,000 were recently placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into irregularities in the fire department’s finances. The investigation has since been referred to the Alabama attorney general’s office.



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