Robert Bentley announces members of Alabama Advisory Council on Gaming

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Gov. Robert Bentley on Friday announced the appointments for his newly-created Alabama Advisory Council on Gaming. Bentley’s appointments come three weeks after he announced the formation of the council earlier this month by signing Executive Order Number 24.

The Council has been tasked with examining both state and local laws on gambling, taxes generated, and evaluate the best practices on gambling in other states, as well as compare Alabama to federal legislation governing gaming.

“I am looking forward to the recommendations presented by this 11 person Advisory Council,” Governor Bentley said in a news release. “In recent years, a considerable amount of time and resources have been spent debating gaming in Alabama; however I am hopeful this group will present some new ideas or solutions that can help resolve this ongoing dispute and provide a clear direction going forward.”

Finance Director Clinton Carter has been named chairman of the Advisory Council by the Governor’s Office.

The appointments are as follows:

Governor’s appointments:

  • Jim Byard, Jr.: Director of Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
  • Clinton Carter: Director of Finance Department
  • Curtis Stewart: Deputy Commissioner of Alabama Department of Revenue
  • Carrie McCollum: General Counsel for Alabama Credit Union Administration
  • Connie Rowe: State Representative

Pro Tem’s appointments:

  • Bobby Singleton: State Senator
  • Greg Albritton: State Senator

Speaker’s appointments:

  • Jim Carns: State Representative
  • Craig Ford: State Representative

District Attorneys Association:

  • Barry Matson: Deputy Director

Sheriffs Association:

  • Bobby Timmons: Executive Director

All appointments are effective immediately.

The Council will be meeting through the remainder of the year and will present their findings and make recommendations to the Governor, the President Pro Tem of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House on Jan. 31, 2017.


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