Will Ainsworth: The choice for true conservatives and faithful Republicans is clear

Donald Trump thumbs up

I’ve been asked by many people about the election. Here are my thoughts.


I am deeply troubled by the announcement that Gov. Robert Bentley and a handful of other moderate Republican officeholders across the state will not vote for Donald Trump when they cast presidential ballots next Tuesday. In Alabama, we do not tolerate fair-weather football fans who stand with their team of choice when victory is assured, but jump ship when the game is close, so why should we put up with Republican elected officials who abandon our party when their support is needed most?

In my opinion, any Republican official who votes for a candidate other than Trump might as well wear a Hillary Clinton “I’m With Her” button when they visit their polling place.

As the former state chairman of the Marco Rubio for President campaign and a loyal member of the GOP, I am proudly supporting Trump as the Republican standard bearer, especially because the views he has outlined align closely with my own deeply held conservative beliefs while Hilary Clinton’s platform could have been penned by Karl Marx himself.

Let’s take a moment to review just the “Top 10” reasons why every Republican should join me in supporting the Trump/Pence ticket next Tuesday.

  • Donald Trump will repeal Obamacare and replace the abomination while Hillary Clinton will expand it even though insurance premiums are scheduled to rise again by at least 25% and middle-class working families are being destroyed.
  • Donald Trump is endorsed by the NRA and will protect our Second Amendment rights while Hillary Clinton wants to make gun ownership difficult for even the most law-abiding citizens and devoted hunters.
  • Donald Trump is pro-life and will support the sanctity of life while Hillary Clinton continues to endorse the genocide of the unborn.
  • Donald Trump has specifically detailed the conservative group of strict constructionist jurists that he will consider for Supreme Court appointments if elected as president while Hillary Clinton will promote liberal judges that divert us even farther from the God-given rights and ideals that our founding fathers intended.
  • Donald Trump will secure our border and enforce the laws we have on the books while Hillary Clinton will continue to let our perimeter leak like a sieve and provide sanctuary to illegal aliens who break our laws with their simple presence.
  • Donald Trump will restore law and order in our country and support our law enforcement personnel, firemen, and other first responders while Hillary Clinton has stood with those who attack the police and promote lawlessness.
  • Donald Trump will rebuild our military and support our troops and veterans while Hillary Clinton will continue the weak-kneed, spineless policies of the Obama administration.
  • Donald Trump will jumpstart our economy by reducing taxes and allowing businesses to thrive while Hillary will continue raising the job-killing taxes that force our jobs and opportunities to relocate overseas.
  • Donald Trump will reduce entitlements, shrink government, and start cutting the fat that bloats our national budget while Hillary Clinton will grow government, increase our debt, and follow the roadmap to socialism that Bernie Sanders provided her.
  • Donald Trump is already successful and will not use his office to enrich himself while Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill, have proven they will sell any office and offer open-door access to the highest bidder in return for the riches they can acquire.

I would encourage the milquetoast Republican elected officials who have renounced Trump to consider this list and put the needs of the nation ahead of their own childish tantrums and outbursts. Eight years of Obama have already allowed socialism to begin to take root in the United States while the traditional American morals and values that made our nation the greatest on earth have eroded at an alarming rate.
Next Tuesday, we have the choice of crossing the point-of-no-return on the path that Barack Obama has laid out for our country, or we can turn course toward the “shining city on a hill” that our nation’s greatest president, Ronald Reagan, referenced in thousands of inspiring speeches.

I know which route my moral GPS will follow, and I encourage all Republicans to join me.

This post is used with permission after first appearing on Rep. Ainsworth’s Facebook page.


Will Ainsworth represents Alabama House District 27.


  1. Re: “As the former state chairman of the Marco Rubio for President campaign and a loyal member of the GOP, I am proudly supporting Trump”

    You mean the very Trump that the very Mr Rubio called a “con artist”???

    I never knew so many conservatives/Republicans were so freakin’ gullible/malleable.fickle.

    Re: “Donald Trump will repeal Obamacare and replace the abomination ”

    With … “something terrific”. Those are the exact words of his ‘plan’. It is an empty, meaningless ‘promise’, utterly devoid of an actual policy.

    Re: “Hillary Clinton wants to make gun ownership difficult”

    She wants to close gun show loopholes, online loopholes and have SENSIBLE gun safety measures in place – as do some 80% of ALL Americans.

    On the abortion issue: if it isn’t your uterus, YOU don’t get a say in the matter.

    Re: “Donald Trump is already successful”

    If you call SIX bankruptcies “successful”, perhaps, but who in Hades bankrupts casinos?

    The rest of your ‘points’ are as inane as the above. But if you think Donald Trump “alone can save you”, you seem to believe he’s replaced Jesus Christ.

    Using “moral” and Trump in the same sentence is preposterous.

    What a waste of bandwidth this piece was/is.

  2. Re: “I would encourage the milquetoast Republican elected officials who have renounced Trump to consider this list and put the needs of the nation ahead of their own childish tantrums and outbursts.”

    Odd that you ignore Trump’s OWN “childish tantrums and outbursts”. Selective much???

    Re: “Eight years of Obama”

    Includes 73 consecutive months of jobs ganis (a record unmatched by ANY other President in history), an unemployment rate of 5%, a dead Osama bin Laden, actual income growth, 14 million more people with healthcare coverage, etc.,, etc., etc.

    You’ve drunk too much of Trump’s bombastic, lie-based cool-aid.

    God hellp America.

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