Marriage group files ethics complaints against Alabama Supreme Court Justice Mike Bolin

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Mike Bolin

Adding to their ever-growing lists of complaints against Alabama Supreme Court justices, the Sanctity of Marriage Alabama (SOMA) filed an ethics complaint against Justice Michael “Mike” Bolin.

SOMA, the same group that filed complaints against suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore and Acting Chief Justice Lyn Stuart, filed the complaint Monday with the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) saying Bolin blatantly disregarded the Canons of Judicial Ethics by failing to disqualify himself from proceedings in Moore’s case. The group also says all Alabama voters should write-in an honorable attorney instead of Bolin at the polls on Tuesday.

“Justice Bolin has recently recused himself from Moore’s appeal,” said Tom Ford, spokesman for Sanctity of Marriage Alabama, “however, he failed to do so in May of 2016 where his impartiality was equally questionable. Why the attempt to save face now? No Alabamian can expect a fair trial at the Alabama Supreme Court with acting Chief Justice Lyn Stuart and Mike Bolin heading the group.”

In March of 2016, Justice Bolin joined a portion of Justice Greg Shaw’s opinion condemning Chief Justice Moore’s stance in a gay marriage case, the group explains. Later that opinion was used by the JIC in an effort to oust Moore.

“That opinion was used by the Judicial Inquiry Commission and radical leftists in their crusade to oust Chief Justice Moore,” according to SOMA’s press release.

In May 2016, Justice Bolin failed to disqualify himself from the ethics proceedings against Moore, but in Sept. 2016 suddenly recused himself from hearing Moore’s appeal. “Perhaps to save face,” the group surmises.

“Justice Bolin does not deserve the vote of the people of Alabama on Tuesday,” Ford continued. “Conservative voters have been betrayed ever since the day Justice Bolin gave Alabamians and conservatives the cold shoulder by joining the Southern Poverty Law Center in condemning Chief Justice Moore for legally defending the conservative platform. Love or hate Chief Justice Moore, all voters of all parties should be outraged by Justice Bolin’s unethical and political handling of the case.”

Ford concluded, “As Justice Bolin is unchallenged on Tuesday, we urge all Alabamians to refuse to give Justice Bolin your vote and write-in an honorable Alabama attorney for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Place No. 1.”

Alabama Today’s efforts to reach Bolin for comment were unsuccessful.


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