Jeff Sessions replacement — who will Robert Bentley choose?

Jeff Sessions

Pending acceptance of the position and a Senate confirmation hearing, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is poised become the United States’ next Attorney General in President-Elect Donald Trump‘s administration.

Should that happen, Sessions will leave behind a coveted U.S. Senate seat in the Yellowhammer State.

According to Alabama law Gov. Robert Bentley would be tasked with appointing his replacement in the short term and setting a date for a statewide election to fill the vacant Senate seat.

Already, names of potential replacements are being thrown around. From Alabama U.S. Rep. Martha Roby and Robert Aderholt, to Ala. Attorney General Luther Strange, to state senators Trip Pittman, Dick Brewbaker and Cam Ward.

For a state as red as Alabama, there’s no shortage of conservative names for the Governor to choose from. Leaving only one question — who will he actually select?

Bentley gave some insight into what criteria he’s using to make his decision in a Friday-morning statement following Sessions’ job offer.

“[Sessions] has served our state and our people with dignity and has been a bright example for conservative values,” said Bentley. “I will choose an appointee who shares those values and will work to further the agenda of President-elect Trump, all while keeping Alabama first in his or her mind. This person must uphold the Constitution, value the rights of the Second Amendment, the rights of the states, support pro-life issues, implement a strong national security policy, and support domestic job creation.”

Tell us, who would you like to see Bentley choose?


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