Email insights: Progressive Change group rails against Jeff Sessions AG nomination


The Progressive Change Campaign Committee railed the nomination of Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General in a Friday email.

“Jeff Sessions as Attorney General would be the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse,” said PCCC press secretary Kaitlin Sweeney. “He is not a mainstream choice for Attorney General, and Senate Democrats should be unified in opposition.”

“Sessions has a history of racist remarks, calling a federal prosecutor ‘boy’ and calling the NAACP ‘un-American’ — and he opposes the Voting Rights Act and has draconian views on immigration,” Sweeney continued. “This makes him 100 percent unqualified to lead the Justice Department’s civil rights and voting rights divisions.”

The third term Senator endorsed Trump back in February, making him one of the incoming president’s first supporters. Since Trump’s election, Sessions’ name has been tossed around for several high-level positions within the Trump administration.

Sessions was long thought to be Donald Trump’s top pick for Secretary of Defense, but the incoming president announced Friday that the third term Alabama senator would be nominated as Attorney General.

“Sessions has consistently opposed reforming and challenging Wall Street, and cannot be trusted to prosecute Wall Street bankers who broke the law — an idea that unites Republican, Independent and Democratic voters,” Sweeney concluded.


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