Robert Bentley asks GOP Committee for Senate appointee names

Robert Bentley
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley delivers the annual State of the State address in the Old House Chamber at the Historic Alabama State Capitol.

Gov. Robert Bentley is asking the Alabama Republican Executive Committee to suggest who should replace U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions.

The governor sent a request to the 400-plus committee members seeking their input on who he should appoint to fill Sessions’ seat. President-elect Donald Trump has tapped Sessions to be his U.S. attorney general.

Republican Party Chairwoman Terry Lathan said she is glad the governor is seeking input from Republicans who have helped build the party. She said the decision is ultimately the governor’s.

The governor asked committee members to submit names by Dec. 1.

A spokeswoman for Bentley said last week the governor’s legal office is researching if an appointed senator would have to run in a quickly called special election or run in 2018.

Republished with permission of the Associated Press.