Marco Rubio says he isn’t ready — yet — to support Jeff Sessions for A.G.


Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said he isn’t ready to support Trump’s cabinet picks in an interview on Meet the Press Sunday.

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked Rubio whether he was ready to support the confirmation of Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, and Rubio said he would wait until he went through the confirmation process.

“No, I never do until that person works their way through the process,” the newly re-elected Senator said.

Rubio said he thought Mike Pompeo, Trump’s pick for CIA Director, and Nikki Haley, the pick for UN Ambassador, were good choices, but that they would get the same treatment before he would officially support them.

“They’ll still have to go through the same process as anybody else,” he said. “And if something emerges from that, which I don’t expect, then obviously we’ll comment on it.”

Both Haley, the current governor of South Carolina, and Pompeo, a Kansas Republican congressman, endorsed Rubio for president during the Republican Primary, and Rubio has publicly praised their selections for posts in Trump’s administration.

Sessions supported Trump in the Republican Primary and was one of the top opponents of the immigration reform bill brought forward by Rubio in 2013.


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