Marijuana industry skeptical of Jeff Sessions as AG


Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is primed to be the next Attorney General, and that could spell trouble for marijuana users, both medical and recreational.

Sessions has said “good people don’t smoke marijuana” and said he thought the Klu Klux Klan was “okay” until he learned that the group wasn’t against marijuana.

More plainly, he said at a recent Senate hearing that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” citing widely debunked statistics showing an increase in traffic deaths along with spikes in cocaine and heroin usage.

Sessions has also said that one of President Barack Obama’s “great failures” it’s is his “lax treatment in comments on marijuana.”

So, where would Sessions like to see drug policy go in America? Does he really want to bring back the zero tolerance philosophy epitomized by the “just say no” campaigns of yesteryear?

There are already too many non-violent drug offenders in prisons across the country, and there is no reason to keep throwing people behind bars, especially if their state has voted to legalize marijuana.

What about medical marijuana users, such as the children who stand to benefit from low-THC marijuana derivatives in Florida? Should we start chanting “lock them up?”

Hopefully Donald Trump doesn’t back down on his campaign rhetoric that marijuana policy should be left up to the states, because if Sessions gets his way, the country will dive head first back into the War on Drugs.


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