Will Lochamy: Uh, Mr. President… your Twitter is showing


This isn’t about policy. I wish it was. I’d love to have a rational conversation about policy. Instead, I keep looking around and thinking, “You guys all just saw that, right? You just heard what he said, didn’t you? Huh? We’re just gonna let that go… like, it’s normal?”

It’s not normal. It’s not what we expect. There’s no arguing that. But is it ok?

We expect college football fans to irrationally dislike the other team’s fans (even though they really are terrible and totally deserve it). What we don’t expect is for the president-elect to tweet false or (at best) unsubstantiated information like an unhinged middle schooler.

Our Facebook friend who’s overly dramatic (and thinks we need to know everything he thinks) is a harmless train wreck that’s curiously entertaining. It’s because he doesn’t represent us. When it’s the most powerful man in the world, though, who does represents us, it’s embarrassing and somewhat alarming.

Before his unprecedented run for president, Donald Trump routinely used Twitter as his bully pulpit. He called out numerous women as unattractive, referred to people over and over as “losers and haters,” and once tweeted at 1:22 AM that Jon Stewart was a [word that starts with the letter that comes before ‘Q’ and after ‘O’]. It’s not that I’m afraid to publicly use that word, it’s just that I’m a grown man and know better.

Once elected, I absolutely expected his unmonitored use of twitter to stop on a dime. I should just stop expecting things. He quickly began tweeting unsubstantiated accusations of paid protestors, degraded multiple long-standing news outlets, made claims of voter fraud with zero evidence, and suggested revoking first amendment rights. (By the way, the American flag proudly hangs on both the outside and inside of my house. That’s not the point.)

I don’t buy into this idea that he is tweeting nonsense as a distraction. A distraction from what? To be honest, I don’t think he’s intelligent enough for that. He’s the definition of narcissistic and he refuses to think he needs monitoring.

Does the president need to be presidential? ‘Need’ might be too strong of a word. How about this… Do we want our president to be presidential?

I do.

I don’t expect to agree with the president on everything, but I expect to think of him or her as the president. I haven’t yet been able to take this guy seriously. #StopTweeting #PleaseForTheLoveOfPeteJustHushForABit #LearnHowToUseHashtagsCorrectly


Will LochamyWill Lochamy is co-host of the radio show, “Oh Brother Radio” on Birmingham Mountain Radio (107.3FM).



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