All 9 Alabama electors cast their votes for Donald Trump

Electoral College 2016_1

Several dozen protesters took to the steps of the state Capitol on Monday seeking to persuade Alabama’s presidential electors to cast ballots for someone other than Donald Trump.

Alabama electoral college 2016
Alabama’s nine 2016 presidential electors, Mon., Dec. 19, 2016. [Photo courtesy of John Merrill]

Over the last few weeks, electors in Alabama and other states have been inundated with calls, emails and letter urging them to reject Trump. But the protests were mostly symbolic in the Yellowhammer State as Trump overwhelmingly delivered the state during the general election last month, having received 1.3 million votes — roughly 62 percent of the vote. Meanwhile Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton only took home 34 percent of the vote, with remaining votes divided between write-in candidates, Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

John Merrill certifies Electoral College vote 2016
Alabama Sec. of State John Merrill’s certifies the 2016 Alabama electoral college vote, Mon., Dec. 19, 2016. [Photo courtesy of John Merrill]

“The people of Alabama put their trust in these electors to represent the will of the people and the voice of the people of this great state in the electoral process,” Gov. Robert Bentley said before the electors cast their votes.

And during an elaborate ceremony within the Montgomery-capitol, all nine of the electors voted for Trump.

“Let the record show that the president-elect received more votes for the presidency than any candidate in the history of Alabama,” said Secretary of State John Merrill, who presided over the 30-minute ceremony before later certifying the vote.


Watch the full electoral ceremony below: