Tucker Dorsey: Dear Santa, here’s what Alabama really needs this Christmas

Christmas Santa

Dear Santa,

I know this is a busy time of year for you, but I wanted to let you know that I have been good this year. I’ve been nice (most of the time) and completed all of my chores on time. This year for Christmas, I don’t want much, but Alabama sure could use a couple of things.

Alabama families don’t really want much from our state government, but one thing we need Alabama to deliver is a good education. Education lowers crime and creates better economic opportunities for everyone, which in turn, strengthens families, strengthening Alabama. Good education means a high graduation rate of young adults that are educated rather than trained. We want graduates who can think for themselves, graduates who are disciplined and punctual, are able to read and write comprehensively, are understanding of basic science, are knowledgeable in world, US, and Alabama history, and are able perform competently in mathematics that is taught logically. Santa, would you please bring back old math?

Santa, more than a few elected officials in Alabama could use some new perspective. Alabamians would much rather the legislature spend its energy on substance over symbolism. I know, I know, election time is just around the corner, but if they focus on making common sense laws and financial decisions for Alabama rather than focusing on their push cards and press time, we will all have a Merry Christmas. Who borrows $120 million for two years of Medicaid operation and pays it back over 18 years? That’s like getting a second mortgage to pay next months power bill. No one likes moral hypocrisy either, and new perspective might help some of those that don’t quite see the light.

I guess while I’m asking, the contention and posturing has gotten to be a little much, too. Santa, would you please send us logical, honest public servants working to solve the problems facing our state and nation?

Alabamians want to work. We need our state to be an environment for thriving business opportunities and jobs. Building and creating things grow real wealth for Alabama. We need help from Washington reducing unnecessary bureaucratic regulations. We need to improve our transportation infrastructure and encourage a massive increase in broadband capacity and capabilities for Alabama. We need to provide simple tax codes to facilitate growth for existing business and encourage new businesses to locate to Alabama. Santa, would you please bring quality jobs?

I hope I haven’t asked for too much, but the chimney is clean, and I will have your favorite chocolate chip cookies on the coffee table.

Thanks and Merry Christmas, Santa,


Tucker Dorsey is the Chairman of the Baldwin County Commission.