AG Jeff Sessions will bring dedication, honor to Justice Department, says National Sheriff’s Association

Jeff Sessions

The National Sheriff’s Association is giving thumbs-up to Jeff Sessions as Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General, saying that federal support will be a “key component” in the success of law enforcement.

Writing an op-ed in The Hill, Jonathan Thompson, who serves as Executive Director of the National Sheriff’s Association, is urging the Senate to confirm the Alabama Senator “because law enforcement and the citizens they protect need his expertise, dedication and honor at the Justice Department.”

Thompson writes: “Over the past few years’ law enforcement has been missing a key component to succeed in their jobs — federal government support.”

While backing from the Obama administration “is lacking,” Thompson says that public support for law enforcement remains very high, and “with a new executive branch administration comes new promise.”

“The Senate must confirm Sen. Sessions because law enforcement and the citizens they protect need his expertise, dedication, and honor at the Justice Department,” he adds.

Sheriffs and deputies nationwide are certain they will receive the necessary support from Sessions, because Thompson says throughout the senator’s career “he has been a crime fighter who seeks justice fairly … As a U.S. attorney and Alabama attorney general, he successfully pursued and prosecuted violent criminals, corrupt politicians and white collar criminals.“

Sessions worked with both Democrats and Republicans to pass important legislation such as the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, which reformed disparities in sentencing for drug crimes; he also helped push through the Fugitive Sex Offenders Act in 2012, which helps law enforcement track down fugitive sex offenders. He also worked across party lines to reauthorize the Victims of Child Abuse Act.

“He understands that the immigration system is broken and law enforcement is stuck in the middle without a plan,” Thompson says. “Sessions agrees that jails should not be the home for Americas mentally ill and wants to work with law enforcement to reform the mental health system.”

“Sheriffs and deputies wake up each day knowing their lives may be in danger to keep our communities safe and protect the rule of law,” Thompson concludes. “They look forward to having an active ally in Attorney General Sessions to support them and do whatever necessary to make America safe.” Donald Trump