Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing draws broad range of praise, concern


A brief digest of recent news reporting on the confirmation hearing of Jeff Sessions, tapped to be Donald Trump’s Attorney General. Judiciary Committee staffers announced the committee will hold a vote Tuesday vote on Sessions’ nomination to lead the Justice Department:

NPR – 5 Takeaways From Jeff Sessions’ Attorney General Hearing

“1. Defending his record on race. 2. Recuse from Clinton investigations. 3. Condemning waterboarding. 4. No to a Muslim ban and registry. 5. ‘No Trump. No KKK. No Fascist USA.’”

Esquire – Jeff Sessions’ Hearing Was an Ahistorical Farce

“But concern-trolling history was only one method by which the nominee made ennui his friend and ally. Marriage equality? Settled law, as far as he’s concerned. DACA? An unfortunate use of executive power, but he’ll be happy to enforce whatever bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform law this Congress might produce, even if it passes the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform law that he helped to torpedo a few years ago.”

The Washington Post – Five myths about Sen. Jeff Sessions

“Sessions has an unusually poor record on civil rights … Sessions has been a champion of civil rights … Sessions plans a crackdown on illegal immigration … Sessions would revive an ’80s-style war on drugs … On gay rights, Sessions just wants to enforce the law.”

The Hill – Trust Women opposes Sen. Session’s nomination

“Sooner than we can fathom, we will have a president occupying the White House whose comments on the campaign trail and nominations for his cabinet — particularly his nominee for attorney general — instill fear in women across the country who value the ability to control their own bodies.”

Daytona Times – Nothing’s wrong with Senator Jeff Sessions  

“It’s all about politics. He is loved by his constituents, who are 27 percent Black. Not one person opposed him during his last election.”

CBN News – Attorney General nominee Sessions: Country values still define character

“Americans are living in a toxic climate where the serious charge of racism is carelessly leveled against anyone with whom the ‘Left’ disagrees.”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Conservatism is not racism

“Unfortunately, politics has come to be conflated with racism … That is, those on the black left who have dominated black politics for so many years now brand anyone who does not share their political views as racist.”

Business Insider – Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats ask Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from probes into Russian meddling

“The letter also asked Sessions, who as attorney general would be the country’s top law enforcement official and head of the Justice Department, to commit to not shutting down any investigation into Russia’s activities.”

The Advocate – As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions would threaten LGBT protections

“During his hearing, Sessions avoided questions concerning his voting record and statements against civil rights protections for LGBTQ communities, people of color, immigrants, native people, and other marginalized populations by repeatedly stating that he would ‘uphold the law that Congress has and will set forth.’ Rather than being reassured, we recognize this tactic for the dodge that it is.”

Newsmax – Sen. Joe Manchin: Democrats ‘playing politics’ on Sessions

“I believe simply this: What I know of Jeff Sessions is that he’s a good man. I’ve known him for six years. I’ve never seen any indication of any bigotry or any type of racism. If there would have been, I wouldn’t vote for him.”

Roll Call – Porn, weed and other takeaways from Sessions hearing

“Gamblers and pornography users, take note: Sessions told the committee he would consider flipping DOJ positions on obscenity and online gambling. … passed on an opportunity to say he would vigorously enforce federal drug laws when it comes to states that have legalized marijuana.”

Conservative Review – The long game: Why Democrats turned Sessions’ hearing into a show trial

“There was theatricality aplenty — bizarrely costumed Code Pinkers, marble-mouthed shouters, and lots and lots of feigned outrage (some of it coming from politicians who had previously heaped praise on the nominee). But the performances are over. And Sessions will be confirmed despite all the false and malicious claims made against him during the hearings and in the coordinated media attacks that sought to fan the flames.”


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