In your words — what you’ve been saying online: 2/3/17 edition

Social Media

Here’s an unedited look at what you’ve been saying this week on Alabama Today’s social media accounts in response to our articles:

Robert Bentley: Alabama will not support sanctuary cities that shelter illegal immigrants

  • Michael Lockwood: Maybe the city council of Birmingham should be more concerned with the murder rate, the amount of homeless in the city, and possibly reducing the rate that citizens have to pay the City Water works. The last thing they need to worry about is trying to coddle illegals!

  • Kelly Thompson: Birmingham is going down the tubes fast with libs in office wake up.

  • Kerry Hill: But we will support you mistress with taxpayer dollars get your hypocritical tail out of here

  • Tara Owen Queen: Finally something he says I agree with! Now clean up our wasteful spending in Montgomery, Mr Governor!

Email insights: Auburn University tells students, faculty to stay in country

  • Virginia Terry: Our country would be in better condition it wasn’t filled with illegal immigrant refugees and Muslims. Money could be spent on our homeless and veterans.
  • T Mack Jones: I know of Ph.D. students who are caught in the middle of this nonsense. Not thought out, implemented without warning to necessary agencies and infrastructure, generally shows undisciplined leadership or lack thereof.
  • Pam Jones: Sad that this is necessary.

Medicaid commissioner: Alabama at ‘crossroads’ on Medicaid managed care switch

  1. Paul Klutes: The failure of the Bentley administration to expand Medicaid over the past two years has been an absolute travesty.
  2. Charles Harlan: Medicaid must NOT be expanded!! mot taxpayers cannot afford more taxes!! every few years the cry goes out “expand medicaid”! Everytime Medicaid is expanded the seed is planted to create the “need” for further expansion! It must be stopped before it consumes us all!

Senate procedural vote sets up debate over Donald Trump travel ban

  • Brian Hans: A strong Secretary of State could potentially stop some of the slaughter in Syria. Rex fits that bill. The people fighting this man’s nomination are potentially doing more harm than good to their own cause.
  • Robert Painter: Americans have never been screwed by the oil industry and Tillerson so….. Wait a minute. Yeh we have.
  • Bob Prisco: Best man for the job the reason why the Democrats are so upset because they never thought about hiring a qualified business person to run this business.

Donald Trump can’t say ‘Hasta la vista’ to ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

  • Kevin Hays: From the same schmuck who took time off in his “unpresidential” campaign to reignite a 20 year old feud with Miss Universe. The comedy keeps coming.

  • Tricia Jones: Perhaps the president should worry about his own dismal ratings!

  • Mike Daugherty: Much ado about nothing.