Not so puny anymore: Alabama set to honor brown shrimp

Brown shrimp

Alabama has an official bird, official folk dance and official nut. Now the state is poised to have an official crustacean.

The Montgomery Advertiser reports state lawmakers passed legislation Thursday to give brown shrimp the title of official crustacean.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Trip Pittman, a Republican of Montrose, passed the Senate earlier in the session and will now move to Gov. Robert Bentley for signing.

The Seafood Association of Alabama says brown shrimp account for more than half of the domestic catch in the state. reports lawmakers are considering two other state symbols this session: the queen honey bee as the state’s agricultural insect, and the Lane Cake as the state’s official dessert.

Louisiana, Maryland and Oregon are the only three states to have official crustaceans.

Republished with permission of The Associated Press.