Alabama’s congressional delegation reacts to Donald Trump speech

Donald Trump joint session of Congress
Donald Trump’s Tuesday night joint address to Congress outlined his priorities for his first year in office.

Donald Trump delivered his first-ever address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night joint where he outlined his priorities for his first year in office.

During his prime-time speech, the president touched on a variety of topics, including his hopes to repeal Obamacare, immigration policy, continuing his pledge to fortify the U.S./Mexico border with a wall, strengthening the military and jobs.

His speech drew overwhelming praise from the Alabama delegation, with the exception of long Democrat 7th District Rep. Terri Sewell who was “deeply disappointed” in the contents of the speech.

Here’s what the delegation had to say:

Senator Richard ShelbyU.S. Sen. Richard Shelby:

In tonight’s address, President Trump laid out his vision for the nation and reiterated his commitment to ensuring that the American people have the opportunity to succeed. His remarks were a refreshing change from the last eight years, and I look forward to working with him on the many priorities discussed.

In particular, I stand ready to work with the President on overhauling our broken tax code, rolling back burdensome rules and regulations, and getting Washington out of the way so that Americans can get back to work. It’s time for us to deliver on our promises for the American people.

Luther Strange headshotU.S. Sen. Luther Strange:

It was truly an honor to be part of this historical moment. Like the millions of Americans who voted for real change in Washington, I found it refreshing to hear from a President who is keeping the promises he made to Americans when he ran for office. Just as he said, he is already taking steps to secure our border, repeal Obamacare and rebuild our military.

I am even more encouraged after hearing the President share plans to reform our complicated tax code to allow Alabama families to keep more of their hard-earned money, and roll back bureaucratic red tape that is an unnecessary burden to Alabama small businesses. His cabinet nominees show his commitment to protecting our constitutional rights, caring for our Veterans and ensuring a quality education for every child, regardless of their zip code. This is an exciting time in America and I know that Alabamians are optimistic and ready to dream big for the first time, in a long time. It is truly an honor to serve in the Senate and help our President ensure all Americans have the opportunity to make our future a brighter one.

Bradley Byrne Official fraudAlabama 1st District U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne:

President Trump came before Congress tonight with a clear plan for action on behalf of the American people. From health care to immigration to national defense to infrastructure, the President laid out a clear agenda that will spur economic growth, keep the American people safe, get the government off our backs, and expand opportunity.

I stand committed and ready to get to work on enacting these policies. The American people spoke clearly last November when they elected a unified Republican government, and now it is time for action.

Martha Roby OfficialAlabama 2nd District U.S. Rep. Martha Roby:

Tonight President Trump laid out several ways his administration and Congress can work together to rebuild our nation. I am particularly encouraged by his calls to properly fund our military, improve veterans’ health care, and secure our border. These are issues important to the Alabamians I represent, and I look forward to working with the Trump Administration to deliver results.

Mike Rogers OfficialAlabama 3rd District U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers:

I was thrilled to hear President Trump lay out his optimistic vision for America’s future. We now have a president that is determined to work on the behalf of the American people first.

President Trump’s dedication to enforcing our country’s immigration laws is critical to our safety and economy. For far too long, the executive branch has turned a blind eye to folks who are here in the country illegally and therefore, breaking the law. With Attorney General Sessions, the laws on the books will be enforced and the safety of our communities will be the highest priority.

I am extremely grateful for President Trump’s pledge to increase investment in our national defense. To fully rebuild our military from the neglect of the Obama administration will require an extraordinary commitment… Read the rest of Rogers’ statement here.

Robert Aderholt OfficialAlabama 4th District U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt:

As I expected and hoped for, President Trump gave a message to Congress that he is committed to making sure Washington is no longer ‘business as usual.’ After eight years of a White House that took a passive, apologetic approach to America and the world, we finally have a President who has announced America is back and literally wants it to be great again.

President Trump’s plan to strengthen our military is greatly needed. If we are to win the war against ISIS, contain China, and keep a watchful eye on Russia, the size and capability of our armed forces needs to increase.

I am also glad to hear that the President will put forth a plan to rein in the Federal bureaucracy. For example, the EPA has run amok with a busy-body attitude with farmers that literally tried to regulate mud puddles on their farms, not to mention the ‘War on Coal.’

However, President Trump has now passed the baton to Congress.  It is now up to us. We must get to work to accomplish the mandate voters sent in November or Congress will face the people’s wrath next year.

Mo Brooks OfficialAlabama 5th District U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks:

I enjoyed the optimistic tone of President Trump’s speech this evening and his message of unity and strength across America. I was pleased the President tonight addressed restarting the engine of the American economy and removing burdensome regulations that have made it so difficult to start and grow a business in America.

President Trump has already taken strong steps to secure the border and enforce our nation’s immigration laws, and I applaud his continued commitment to the rule of law and national security. I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to support President Trump’s bold vision for our nation.

Terri Sewell OfficialAlabama 7th District U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell:

Tonight I attended the Joint Session of Congress with an open mind and the sincere hope to hear from President Trump on how his administration will work to build a better life for all Americans. However, I was deeply disappointed that President Trump did not offer any real solutions for the millions of Americans who will be hurt by repeal of the Affordable Care Act, for those who continue to struggle economically, and for those working to obtain a quality education. When it comes to healthcare, the economy, and the many other issues President Trump touched on tonight, we need more solutions and less rhetoric.

On the issue of national security, President Trump used his address to recommend additional funding for our armed forces, but he failed to recognize the threat to security that Russian interference in our elections represents. A full investigation of this issue is imperative to our national security. If President Trump is committed building a safer, more secure country, he should support the investigation into his staff’s ties with Russia and release his tax returns to eliminate concerns about any conflicts of interest.