Ala. State Audtior Jim Zeigler releases book on 2018 governor’s race

Jim Zeigler
Former news reporter and journalism minor from the University of Alabama, Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler on Monday announced the release of his fourth book over the weekend on Internet-based publishing house
The 284-page book, titled The Making of the People’s Governor 2018, tells the story of of the 2018 election for Governor of Alabama following the second term of Gov. Robert Bentley.
Zeigler says he got the idea for the book from potential presidential candidates who release a book about a year before they make a decision on running for president.
“Potential candidates for governor have not written their pre-campaign books, but that has now changed.  Just watch,” Zeigler predicted. “Watch what an impact this book will have on the upcoming race for governor.”
A strong critic of the Bentley administration since he was elected state auditor in 2014, Zeigler said Sunday he will be a candidate for office in 2018 when his term will be up as state auditor, but has yet to decide which office to seek — governor or re-election as auditor.
“Whether I will run for governor or re-election as state auditor depends partly on the people’s response to the new book,” Zeigler said.
He has until February 9, 2018 to make his decision — the date of the filing deadline with the state Republican Party.
A synopsis of the book:

The book tells the story of the 2018 election for Governor of Alabama following the disastrous second term of Gov. Robert Bentley.  The people of Alabama strongly wanted a change from the self-serving, money-wasting Montgomery Insiders to a voice for Alabama taxpayers.  Several of the usual suspects ran for governor with no track records of having stood up against the abuses of the Bentley administration.  But one candidate had stood up in the Bentley years and, in 2018, stood out from the rest.


Just as American voters voted to “Drain the Swamp” in the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, Alabama voters stood up and voted to “Drain the Marsh in Montgomery” in 2018.  Drain the Marsh.  Has a certain ring to it.


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