Kay Ivey makes first two major staff appointments

Eileen Jones and Steve Pelham
Eileen Jones and Steve Pelham

Gov. Kay Ivey announced Thursday the first two of her major staff appointments —  her Chief of Staff and Press Secretary.

Steve Pelham, who had served as Ivey’s chief of staff while she was Lieutenant Governor dating back to 2010, will continue in the role in the Governor’s office. He has more than twenty years of experience serving members of Congress in both Washington and Alabama. In his new role, Pelham will be charged with leading Ivey’s staff as they steady the ship of state, improve Alabama’s image, and create more opportunities for all Alabamians.

Eileen Jones, a veteran political reporter for WSFA, will serve as Press Secretary. In her 18 years at WSFA, Jones was known for holding politicians and other news makers accountable. As Press Secretary, she will work closely with members of the media to ensure that the Ivey Administration is as transparent as possible and that they have access to the governor.

“Government transparency and efficiency start with a trustworthy team. Steve Pelham and Eileen Jones fully fit this bill,” Ivey said. “They are also only the start as the Ivey administration staffs up to restore Alabama’s image.”

Ivey took office on Monday evening following Robert Bentley‘s resignation.

More appointments are expected as Ivey further staffs her new office.