New Luther Strange web ad touts role in Robert Bentley resignation, Mike Hubbard conviction


Alabama U.S. Sen. Luther Strange is taking some credit for the resignation of former Gov. Robert Bentley, the man who appointed him to the Senate. reports on a new 90-second video from Strange’s campaign – which blasts “Washington insiders and liberals” – also touts his ties to President Donald Trump, as well as his prosecution of former state Speaker Mike Hubbard.

“We sent him to Montgomery to clean up political corruption,” says a narrator in the ad, which appears on Facebook. “And big Luther Strange kept his word, fighting corrupt Montgomery insiders and special interests.”

The ad shows Strange driving a muddy truck into a car wash, spraying men in suits — representing Washington insiders and corrupt politicians.

Supposedly, those “insiders” include both Bentley and Hubbard; the ad flashes newspaper headlines saying, “Strange will investigate Bentley” and “AL speaker Mike Hubbard sentenced to 4 years.”

As Alabama’s Attorney General, Strange’s office prosecuted Hubbard for several felony ethics violations. Nevertheless, Strange recused himself from the Auburn Republican Speaker’s case because he used Hubbard’s printing company.

Hubbard was eventually sentenced to serve four years in prison.

“The guts to fight Montgomery corruption,” the ad says. “The prosecution and conviction of a corrupt House speaker. The investigation and governor’s resignation. A new public corruption prosecution unit. Corrupt politicians convicted.”

Watch Strange’s ad here: