Jim Zeigler to become “field auditor” to keep office operating

State Auditor Jim Zeigler

State Auditor Jim Zeigler is taking one for the team. Or rather, the Yellowhammer State.

In the wake of cuts to the State Auditor’s office operating budget, Zeigler announced Thursday in addition to his normal duties as State Auditor, he will train to also work as a field auditor, doing the actual property inventory of state agencies in order to help keep the office operating.

The unusual move is necessary as the budget has been cut 28.5 percent since January 2015 when he first took office. According to Zeigler the new budget won’t allow the status quo to continue as it is $368,400 below the minimum needed to audit the state’s $1.9 billion worth of state property items.

Zeigler made the announcement in a speech to the Capitol Rotary Club in Montgomery.


  1. The State Auditor doing the work of a field auditor. Guess we really can do without the State Auditor. Wonder how long he will be in training and away from his real job?

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