Anonymous Alabama man donates $6,000 in change to Summer Fund & Food Drive

broken piggy bank
Summer Fund and Food Drive to benefit the Montgomery Area Food Bank received a surprising $6,000 donation from an anonymous Alabama man on Friday.
According to WSFA 12 News the man drove up during the Friday event and “dropped off four boxes and two buckets, got back into his truck and drove away.”
When event officials began sorting the boxes they realized they were not filled with food, but rather coins including gold dollars, totaling a whopping $6,022.15.
While the event’s sponsors are unsure of who the man was, they told WFSA 12 they would love to thank him for his generosity. 

The annual event is a partnership between WSFA 12 News and the Montgomery Area Food Bank benefitting the food bank, which according to its website is a ” non-profit, doing everything possible to combat hunger and food insecurity in 35 of Alabama’s 67 counties through a framework of philanthropic, logistic and educational programs.”