Mitch McConnell groups buy $2.4M in ads supporting Luther Strange starting next week


Two groups, including the Senate Leadership Fund, canceled a planned $2.65 million ad buy to support U.S. Sen. Luther Strange, replacing it with a joint purchase of more than $2 million in air time, with radio ads starting next week.

The Leadership Fund, controlled by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has “television and radio ads will start running next week in Birmingham and Mobile,” reports

The earlier Leadership Fund buy was just a placeholder, with the new airtime reservation moves up the start date of the ads, and increases the campaign by about $500,000 in radio ads. Listeners in the Birmingham and Mobile radio markets will hear the ads from June 13 to June 27, with another wave ending Aug. 15, the date of the special election primary.

At the same time, “One Nation,” another group tied to McConnell, plans to spend $385,000 on issue ads supporting Strange scheduled for June 28 through July 12 in the Birmingham, Huntsville and Mobile markets.