First Senate Leadership Fund ad touts Luther Strange as strong Alabama conservative


Luther Strange is the beneficiary of Senate Leadership Fund’s first TV ad, which began running Tuesday in Alabama’s U.S. Senate special election.

The 30-second ad portrays the incumbent GOP senator, who previously served as Alabama Attorney General, as a conservative with a strong record on religious liberty, gun rights and fighting illegal immigration.

“When Barack Obama launched an assault on our religious freedoms, Big Luther Strange said, ‘no way,”‘ the ad’s narrator says. “He stood up to Obama’s illegal amnesty plan too. And fought for our Second Amendment rights, earning Big Luther an A+ rating and an endorsement from the NRA.'”

Senate Leadership Fund is connected to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell; the group purchased a $2.4 million in ad time on Alabama television and radio stations in Birmingham and Mobile from June 13 to June 27. Ads are set to run through the day of the Aug. 15 special election primary.

Strange’s most arduous challenges in the GOP primary — U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks and former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore — have also pushed their hard-line conservative social positions.

But as POLITICO noted last month: “It doesn’t hurt that Strange is polished, predictable and low-key, in addition to having existing relationships with many Republicans from the South.”

If there is no clear winner Aug. 15, a runoff will be Sept. 26. The special election is Dec. 12.