Mo Brooks introduces bill to allow federal lawmakers to carry guns

Mo Brooks gun

Alabama 5th District U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks‘s name was on a target list of Congressional Republicans carried by the Alexandria gunman last week. Now the Congressman has introduced legislation that would empower him and his congressional colleagues to to be able to carry to carry a concealed weapon like law enforcement personnel, nationwide to ensure their safety.

H.R. 2940, the Congressional Self-Defense Act allows lawmakers to carry a concealed weapon anywhere in America except the U.S. Capitol or when in the presence of the President or Vice President.

Brooks was at the recent baseball practice where a shooter attempted to assassinate Republican Members of Congress.  The shooter possessed a handwritten assassination list that not only included Brooks’ name, but also his office number.

“Last week’s shooting at the Republican baseball practice highlighted and reinforced the increasing number of threats faced by Congressmen, Senators, and their families,” said Brooks. “The truth is, if Steve Scalise’s leadership detail had not been present at last week’s practice, many of my colleagues and I might not be alive today. If Congressmen or Senators at the practice had firearms, there is a strong possibility that the shootout would have ended earlier than it did.”

His bill would let lawmakers to carry guns in parts of the nation’s capital where firearms are currently banned

“Surprisingly, because of Washington, D.C.’s restrictive gun laws, Congressmen and Senators are not allowed to carry a concealed weapon,” explained Brooks. “That is why today I introduced the Congressional Self-Defense Act to allow lawmakers to conceal carry so that they are better positioned to defend themselves against lone wolf and terrorist attacks.”


  1. This actually sounds like a fairly reasonable idea. I do hope that this new law will also require those same people to undergo (and pass) a background check so that people who have committed felonies or other crimes are prohibited from having access to a firearm.

  2. no way! same rights for all! You allow politicians to have special rights and they will forget about the rest of us.

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