Alabama is not one of America’s most patriotic states?

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With Independence Day just a week away, American patriotism is running high. It’s difficult to think of a state where its residents bleed more red, white and blue than Alabama, but according to WalletHub the state is only in the middle of the pack when it comes to patriotism.

In their latest in-depth analysis of 2017’s Most Patriotic States in America, the personal-finance website found Alabama to be the 27th most patriotic state in the country. Ranking the Yellowhammer State behind neighbor-state Mississippi (20) and Georgia (9).

To come up with their rankings, WalletHub’s data team compared the states across 13 key indicators of patriotism. The data set ranges from share of enlisted military population, to share of adults who voted in the 2016 presidential election, to AmeriCorps volunteers per capita.

2017 most patriotic states_red vs blue“The first characteristic is a deeply held loyalty to the country, sometimes interpreted as nationalism, and a fierce pride in being American, “said G. Terry Madonna, Director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs, Director of the Franklin and Marshall College Poll and Professor of Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College. “That certainly does not mean a loyalty to any particular party or candidate. For some, that gets translated into various forms of civic engagement, such as voting, running for office, active involvement in civic organizations, and service in the military are among the most prominent factors.”

The study also revealed that red states, like Alabama, are more patriotic than blue states. Red states on average have a ranking of 23.4 out of 50, whereas blue states only score 28.5.

See how Alabama compares to the rest of the country:

Source: WalletHub