Jim Zeigler files fundraising committee for governor’s race


State Auditor Jim Zeigler filed a campaign committee Tuesday to begin raising money for the 2018 governor’s race.

The first-term State Auditor said he was required to file because he passed the $1,000 legal threshold that requires filing due to “unsolicited campaign donations.”
Zeigler has yet to decide whether or not he will officially run for the positions, saying he will make a final decision following the special election for U.S. Senate.
“I have been blessed to do more than the other potential candidates despite my position of very little authority and staff, the state auditor’s office.  From the governor’s office, I could stop business as usual in Montgomery,” said Zeigler of a potential run.
Zeigler’s official filing can be viewed here.


  1. Atta boy Ziggy, the self proclaimed ‘Waste Cutter’… the man who wants to be GuvNUH has mental agility of a soap dish! Jim Zeigler will do ANY and EVERYTHING he can to keep his name and picture out front… A bronx cheer for Jim Zeigler and his anticipated run for the Governor’s office in 2018—– sorry there Ziggy… we don’t need a governor that spends the day on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and various other social media ‘meet and greet sites’ — and I mean ALL DAY. You know Ziggy, you claim to be a ‘Waste Cutter’… But you waste more time on social media. If you’re an elected servant to the people of Alabama – ‘your time is not your own. It belongs to the taxpayers.- Don’t waste it on multiple Facebook accounts and Twitter.. Bless his heart… He needs to retire. Seriously and sadly, all he does is play on social media all day… and collect his paycheck from the taxpayers of Alabama. So pathetic. I wonder if he is suffering from dementia? But he sure will stoop to any means necessary to keep his name out there in the news. BUWAHAAA, poor ol’ Ziggy. Don’t be fooled by him. He creates drama…… what a nut !

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