Politico reports Martha Roby classified as Donald Trump “enemy”

Martha Roby and Donald Trump

In the wake of withdrawing her support from former GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in October, Alabama 2nd District U.S. Rep. Martha Roby found herself on the outs the billionaire businessman-turned-politician.

At the time, Roby withdrew her support calling Trump “unacceptable” in the wake of the release of the infamous Billy Bush-Donald Trump “Access Hollywood” video where Trump made derogatory comments about women.

Now, 10 months later, POLITICO has reported the Congresswoman is on Trump’s “enemies list” and says she is working hard to get back into the now-President’s good graces.

“Fear of Trump reprisals has led one Republican congresswoman, Martha Roby of Alabama, to launch an intense campaign to win over a president who remembers every political slight,” a Politico reporter wrote Monday.

In the nearly seven months since Trump’s inauguration, Roby has gone to the White House a total of 6 times — four to attend Trump-hosted events and two other times to meet with his daughter, Ivanka.

Nevertheless, POLITICO reports that White House officials are skeptical of the Congresswoman’s intentions as she is “facing a fierce primary challenge from a Trump stalwart who has turned her past opposition to the president into the focal point of his campaign.”

Roby’s office contends the article is false.

“The term ‘fake news’ gets thrown around a lot lately, but this narrative from Politico really is pure fiction.,”Todd Stacy, a spokesman for Roby, said in an email to Alabama Today. “Some in the media have a hard time accepting that Republicans are united and working together to advance a conservative agenda. The facts are that Rep. Roby has a good working relationship with the White House; she has been invited to several meetings with the President and Ivanka Trump; she has been clear and consistent about supporting the President’s policy agenda. But those facts don’t line up with Politico’s narrative of Republican infighting, so they get buried or tossed aside.”